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Online casinos USA players, where to gamble should not be a life or death decision. Review minimum standards ensuring the casino honesty and fairness. While there are many reputable and trustworthy casinos out there, the Internet still has its share of crooks. Let us review a series of standards to look for when choosing casinos online for USA players.

It is official. There are no Federal laws prohibiting online gambling by USA players. Read that again. There are some US States that have enacted laws prohibitiing online gambling, but these states have rarely prosecuted (if ever), and many states are now changing their tunes. New Jersey and Nevada have now officially approved and passed legalization of casino online gambling.

Don't you hate it when Lawyers and Politicians create lawbreakers out of ordinary citizens who like to play Poker, or place a bet on the Pittsburgh Steelers, or pick 4 numbers for the next Keno game? And what crimes are greedy politicians and shyster lawyers committing when taking payoffs, soaking taxpayers for non-existent fees, and running for reelection on a campaign based on lies?

The first thing to look for in an online casino for US players is an American Flag, or a banner that states: "US Welcome", or a toll free telephone number, or an online chat box. Banking methods are also important. Got a Debit card? Go to WalMart. Buy a pre-funded debit card in an amount up to $300. Now you've got a banking method, so take advantage of the many signup bonuses available in USA online casinos.

Some of the most reputable casinos online are anywhere from 4 to 13 years old. They are also part of a larger group. And they are raking it in as US Players were abandoned by some of the biggest casino groups in the World when they ran scared. Many of these "cut and run" casinos are coming back, now accepting USA players.

Payout Speed is another standard that must not be dismissed. An online casino might be lightning quick in taking your money, but how fast can they put it back into your hands? Over the years this has been a problem area for many USA casinos online. It's good to check around first. Read the Casino FAQ to see if timely payouts are their concern. If a casino online is purposely slow, it could be the sign of potential problems. In this electronic age, you should be able to get your withdrawal processed and in your account (unless they are sending via courier) within 72 hours.

Is the casino licensed? If so, with whom ? Check the address and phone number on the website. You should be able to find these easily. If not, there's a problem. Give them a phone call. Someone should answer quickly (three rings or less). If not, it could be a sign of weak customer support, common with some casinos usa players online.

Do they have a street address? Make sure their address isn't some mailbox out in the middle of a shopping mall somewhere on the outskirts of town.

This last step is really good. Go to your favorite search engine, or two. Type in the casino name and see what comes up. Try adding search terms to the name such as: payout, fraud, scam, customer service, forum, feedback, news, review. You only need to choose one word at a time. If you choose all the words on this list, it may cause the search engine to choke and give strange results. If someone has commented about the casino online, you will have a good chance of finding it.

If you can't find anything, that's not a good sign. With any luck, you'll find many sources of information about the casino. It doesn't need to be an all day affair either. Just do some searches, check out some stuff and if it all adds up, go enjoy yourself.

It just makes sense to follow these ideas. Another tip is to deposit just a small amount and try out the casino first. If you like it and the games appear fair, go have a blast. Gambling online is fun. Knowing where to find trustworthy casinos makes it even better. Be sure to take this advice seriously.

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