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Slots Empire, $20 Free Casino Chip - Available Worldwide

Slots Empire brings all the Las Vegas excitement to your fingertips. It ranks highly among the mobile casinos online, for players throughout the world. An always reliable level of customer service is offered around the clock. There are many different banking options to choose from, all with quick payouts, as part of what everyone has come to expect of mobile casinos. Blackjack, Video Poker, Slots, Craps, Roulette and Keno. There are these and many more real money mobile games of chance to be played now on your Iphone!

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SlotLand - $1,000 Welcome Bonus - All Welcomed

Slotland offers an unequalled player experience with exciting original games including Progressive Jackpots with generous promotions. Slotland also prides itself on its high level of customer service. Find convenient banking options, with fast payouts. Experience first rate casino gambling on Blackjack, Roulette, Keno, Slot Machines, Table & Card Games, Video Poker plus more.

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Slotastic -Tablets & Smartphones - Worldwide Players Welcome!

No download required! Advanced in-browser smartphone mobile casino requires no app installation at all, so you can play without using up storage on your device. Tap, spin and win with the Slotastic mobile casino. Experience your favorite slots and discover newest slots on your mobile smartphone or tablet device anytime, anywhere. Click Here!

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Red Dog - Get $25 No Deposit Bonus - Play Now!

Red Dog is well known among Australian players for being one of the friendliest, most reliable, and customer oriented online casinos. Play on any device. Fast payouts to Winners. A simple signup process will have you playing more than 250 games.

Tried and True Secrets of Online Casino Winners

The online gambling business is now so vast, that it will soon outgrow the popularity of traditional land based gambling establishments. With the popular onset of online casinos, interaction of players from around the world is now possible. As with any gambling games, on line casinos can have rule breakers who are able to manipulate the outcome of the game to their advantage. But, you can win and bring home large amounts of money fairly often. Intrigued by learning the true secrets of online winners? Here are some of their little known tips and strategies.

Winning in Roulette

Bet on only one color and stay with it during the entire game.
Once you lose, double up or... INCREASE your next bet by one unit.
On the occasion when you do win, stick with the number you originally bet.

Online Video Poker

You can download a strategy card for a complete poker system. Some of them might require your credit card number. Find a free strategy card that does not ask for money.

Sacrifice your straight, or flush, cards to convert them to at least one Royal Flush. You might want to trade an ace with two high cards into a four of a kind card. There is a greater probability that you are going to get the latter (4 of a kind).

Slot Machines

Try to keep track of the average number of spins before hitting a winner. While doing so, bet the lowest available coin amount. If it takes 6 spins before hitting a winner, on the 6th spin, place a double bet. On the seventh spin, place a triple bet (that will be 3 coins) and on the remaining spins go 4, 5 and 6 coins. You will most likely catch a winning spin before the sixth coin wager.

Jot down the number of spins with a greater than average payoff. If your winnings are ten times your bet, stop and count the number of spins that would get you the same amount again.

Increase your bet on the average number of spins that will have you receiving the greatest payoff.

The above system will see the slot machine paying a larger pay out, when you increase your bet.

Blackjack / 21

Just like in poker, there is a blackjack strategy card you can reference in order to be Top Gun at your table.

Use only one value chip. In case you lost in one round, add another chip to your wager. On every win, decrease your bet by 2 chips. If you win twice in a row, go back to wagering a single chip. Doing so, you wager more on the winning hands than you do for the losing hand. This is the way to a big payoff. Watch out for the Hot Dealer. he will do no wrong. He is required to play by the Table Rules, or he will be fired. When you see the Dealer drawing awful cards, yet producing winning hands of 20 or 21, go to another table. IF you see the Dealer is COLD, busting on nearly every hand, three or four hands in a row, increase your wagers.

Go from ONE unit to 3, from THREE units to 6, and from SIX units to 10. At this stage, if the Dealer is STILL COLD, a new deck of cards AND a new Dealer will be brought to the Table. Go back to wagering ONE Unit until you see how this change will affect the game.

There are many review websites, like this one, that offer downloadable versions for play without wagering real money. This way you can put to practice some of the essential tips provided here. You can buy a book, or surf to some websites that offer other game winning secrets. Do some additional strategy research. A little player knowledge can be a dangerous thing.
There are also several considerations that one must take before dealing with any gambling site. The key to satisfaction is to understand their rules. Look to the fine print. Somewhere deep, there might be a catch 22 situation. Understand the procedures, their rules and all the transactions they have pertaining to real money.

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