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Online casino bonuses are ways to get paid to gamble, but can be complicated. Learn the difference between initial signup and staggered bonus. It can be absolutely mind boggling. It's almost like being on a popular television game show, having to choose between Curtain Number One, Two or Three. Make the wrong choice and there's no going back. Make the Right Choice... and you're ahead of the game without having to roll the dice.

Actually some savvy Players find the many different types of bonuses available confusing to the point of frustration. How on earth is anyone supposed to know the differences between a free spin intro offer and a no deposit bonus; a monthly top up incentive and a first deposit match bonus? After all is said and done, free is still free, so if it is being given away... it must be good, right?

With all the confusion floating around, it is time to seek out quality casino reviews. Due to pleasantly na´ve attitudes, coupled with astonishing confusion regarding the multitude of different bonuses, it turns out that most of us are still in the dark. It seems that enough bad decisions have been made, in regard to misunderstanding the value of bonuses, so I have decided to share my knowledge with the world in the hope that common mistakes will no longer be repeated.

Many casino game players go wrong when selecting one time, initial deposit, signup bonuses. This is how it goes. We say to ourselves, "Oh look they are giving me one hundred dollars, for FREE. I will play there". What we don't do is look to see what are the terms and conditions for those signup bonuses. We also need to look and learn what the ongoing promotions offer. If you are not careful, you may find yourself registered with several online casino gambling sites, all of which, have YOUR payment details.

It can get even more complicated. You may have casino credits to play in those online casinos, however, it will be credit that one can not withdraw, due to wagering requirements. Then you will realize that you have given these sites more money, even though they only gave you one bonus, just because you were registered with them. Now, on your second and third deposit, it's a one way street. You give, but you don't receive.

The error of your old ways can now be corrected: staggered promotions are better. A staggered promotion will still be a deposit match, but instead of matching just one deposit, it will match the first 3, 4 or sometimes even 5, either with a 100% match or a smaller percentage. The advantage of this type of bonus, over the one time sign-up offer, is that it commands sustained interest in the online casino site, AND it also allows you, or me, to spread out the "free play" and really make the most of it. A further advantage of staggered bonuses is that it is usually left for the player to decide when to take advantage. This means the player does not have to take the bonus at any particular time, but rather, he will get the bonus whenever he chooses to make his second, or third, or even later deposit.

A staggered bonus allows more control of one's own gambling bankroll, while taking the bonus credits into account. It is almost like getting paid to gamble online. The big signup, one time, promotions are good, but the glitz of the bonus tarnishes quickly. What remains afterwards is usually not that impressive. For additional useful information, especially when it comes to finding the best deals online, know where to stay informed and up to date on all your gambling options.

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